We are recruiting for potential members. We require if you first read our website, then to scroll down to the bottom, where you will see a java chat box. There, roleplay and interaction commences live, and you may meet those who call this their home.

We have no age requirements, but be under discretion, that our OOC channel may need parental approval if under the age of 16, for topics can get inappropriate.

If interested, click here!


any questions you may have can be directed to SilverPaws!

Roleplay with us!

If you desire to roleplay with us, this will help you getting to know our pack, how we are, and perhaps get a feel for the IRC world. It can be intimidating at first, but do not fret, we don't bite. :)

The channel you will be directed to is our OOC [Out of Character]. Thus, roleplay does not happen in that channel.

Basic commands

/nick nickname - allows you to change your nick. Recommended to go away. Ex: /nick Lune[AWAY]

/me action - you can use this to make an action, which is what we use to roleplay. Ex: /me submits to the Alpha when she enters the clearing.

/join #channel - you can use this to join #DawnRunners. Ex: /join #dawnrunners


Please do not leave the channel once you join! It may take several minutes for us to respond.