Pack News 2015

8/23/15 - Website Updated. Added Maps in The Mystic Valley link.

7/30/15 - Storms have been sensed within the distance. Several birds caw warnings to the land-loving animals of its approach, and more than one might hit the clearing. SilverPaws suggests to keep shelter and to avoid dens that may have potential harm to it. Help any wolves that lose their den from the storm.

  • RavenEnigma has been spotted in the clearing for awhile. SilverPaws spoke to the newcomer, and he mentioned he got separated from his pack, and can't locate them. After many days of contemplation to continue his search, he decided to remain with the DawnRunners, and officially asked for Pledge. We wish you luck!
  • SilverPaws, Kajika, Chisu & Susista brought down an Elk! The Pack has plenty to eat now!

6/4/15 - SilverPaws finally awoken from a long slumber, finding herself in an area she was not familiar to. Proceeding to sniff out her pack, she managed to get close enough to the hunting grounds, and called out to her pack. With that, Tahir and Susista announced in return they acknowledged her call, and proceeded into the forest, where she was escorted back to the clearing.

6/1/15 - Alpha has announced she will be back roughly around June 4th.

    + OOC Note: I request dates and times for next Meeting. Please check Facebook!

4/28/15 - Meeting part 2;

  •  Meeting discussing the missing Alpha!
  • Dark Grove found, is this where the Alphess has been hiding? To be continued!
  • Decided on a Set day for everyone to gather and RP the Plotline
  • --every Tuesday starting at 3 pm CST-
  • Lorelai was promoted to Subordinate!

4/27/15 - Meeting part 1;

  •  Discussed: Activity, Meeting 1 night a week, Plot campaign and scenarios!
  • *IC*
    The hunt for Silverpaws continues, Chisu called a food-hunt, accompanied by Susista,
    Tahir and Mishka they took down a Weak Caribou
    & Mishka dealt the final blow!!

4/23/15 - SilverPaws on official LOA. Hooman was admitted to the Hospital on the 22nd due to high blood pressure and had to be induced labor. Little pup Christina was born! The Alphess misses her pack so, but needs recovery time. Please look to Chisu as your acting Alpha until LOA is complete. (and doing such a good job!)

  •  IC: SilverPaws has gone missing! It seems she was tracking down the Yeti and has not reappeared in the clearing ever since

4/5/15 - Happy Easter. :)

4/1/15 - April Fools! I'd watch your back in the clearing.

2/25/15 - Pack Meeting held.

  •  We celebrate our 1st year anniversary! I hope there will be many more. While DawnRunners in spirit started in 2005, it has had its hiccups and disbands. We hope this time it remains stronger than ever!
  • Discussion regarding Alpha's upcoming LOA & Activity
  • Kajika & Susista began courting! *howls*
  • SilverPaws, Kajika & MetalStorm took down a young Muskox for the cache.
  • March 11th @6pm EST is the next meeting!

1/11/15 - Dakaata has been removed from the pack, but is welcomed back anytime she is capable of becoming more active.

1/10/15 - SilverPaws found Mishka while she was assisting Susista with more moss. Upon giving her the heads up regarding the meeting, she has also questioned if Mishka would enjoy being a Caretaker in-training. Happily, Mishka took the rank training in anticipation to help her family.

  •  The two-legged creature has been spotted near the hunting grounds. All wolves must remain cautious until it is discovered what this thing really is. Please do not leave the clearing without another.

1/9/15 - The pack decided to have their meeting early.

  •  Chisu is welcomed as Delta!
  • Kajika became Sentinel in-training!
  • Susista advanced to Caretaker!
  • Metalstorm & Tahir advanced to Packmate!
  • February 25th is the next meeting. It will be our 1 year anniversary!
  • A hunt was held by SilverPaws, with Chisu, Susista, Metalstorm & Tahir. They took down a Caribou for the pack. :)

1/1/15 - Happy New Year!

 Pack News 2014

12/28/14 - Ciara was removed due to inactivity. Dakaata was demoted to Omega until she fullyreturns.

  •  Susista and Kajika finally return from their journey; However, Kajika was greatly wounded from a mountain lion attack. Currently he is resting in the Healer's den, and hope he makes a recovery.

12/25/14 - Merry Christmas everywolf!

12/9/14 - Tahir had advanced to Assessmentship! *Howls*

  •  LoreNight tomorrow! Please make sure to attend if you plan on participating!

12/5/14 - Spade, a new wolf, has decided to Pledge to the Dawnrunners. We wish her the best of luck! Tahir, son of Etienette, has decided to pledge himself to the Dawnrunners. *Howls*

  •  LoreNight on the 10th! Please be there! 5pm EST!!

11/23/14 - Earlier, Kajika brought back a lone wolf while scouting, named MoonMyst. She seemed extremely timid and nervous around the new wolves, but then asked to join the pack, thus starting her pledgeship!

  •  Please see the facebook group for LoreNight! I need the best availability!
  • Please be patient about the territory page. It will be made soon.

11/12/14 - The Pack finally reaches Alaska! Pack Meeting was held.

  • Kajika & Susista became Packmembers!
  • MetalStorm became Assessment!
  • Lorelai joined as Pledge
  • Discussion regarding LOA & Concerns
  • LoreNight dicussion. Please check facebook!
          - A new wolf named Summer followed the scent of the pack, into the new territory.

11/11/14 - Migration continued. The pack followed Kajika into the SpiritHowlers territory, where they rested for the night and had a moment to talk to Dante`, a relative to Kajika.

11/2/14 - Ampah has stepped down from Assessment, but remains an Honored Guest to the pack. He is welcome back when hooman's IRL gets less hectic. :)

  •  Assessment is reopened for a few pledges!

10/26/14 - Migration continues. The pack was lead up towards a mountain path, where dangers could lurk every corner. They decided to head into a valley, where SilverPaws issued one wolf to remain guard at all times. No one is allowed to scout without another with them, though be discrete. Skah, a male wolf from Druids, decided to travel along with the pack.

10/21/14 - The Druids Pack have decided to reborn once more! Please give them some love and visit #DruidsPack & #Druids_OOC ! They are friends of the pack.

  •  Closed Assessments until those within Pledge and Assessment advance. If you're looking for a home, why not try #Druidspack ? :)

10/18/14 - Migration began. Initially it began with Susista taking the lead, along with Mishka, SilverPaws, Chisu & Metalstorm following along. Kajika then caught up with the pack after speaking to Barra, and headed into the lead. It troubled the pack as to why Barra was not coming along, but there was no turning back

  •  Those who missed the migration, next Thursday is a catch-up day. Please be sure you're on to catch up to the migration.

10/16/14 - Pack decided to wait until this Saturday to do the migration. If you cannot make it, just be sure to try to make the other days.

  •  Ampah was promoted to Assessment.
  • I still need profiles from a few wolves! Make sure to go on the forums!

10/14/10 - Pack Meeting, with a GREAT turnout. Log Here

  •  Kajika, Mishka & Susista were advanced to Assessment!
  • Metalstorm entered as Pledge.
  • Discussions about ranks, Assessment period and activity.
  • Discussion about the migration. It will happen every Wednesday after 5pm EST.

10/12/14 - Small update. Delta rank was added to the Hierarchy.

10/10/14 - While content in the clearing, Kajika & SilverPaws noticed an unfamiliar smell, coming from the river's edge. A young, bobcat cub, by the name Ayita, was drinking out of their water. Lost and with no Mother to be found, SilverPaws decided to take care of the cub. Susista offered fish, since the cub tried to snatch one away. Kajika and Susista tried to look for it's Mother, which was likely caught in a poacher's trap.

  •  Susista has asked to join as pledge! Good luck *howls* :)

10/9/14 - A young wolfess named Mishka, rushed into the clearing after being frightened by the traps lurking about. With minimal wounds, she was tended to by Barra, while Ampah and Susista investigated the outskirts for any signs of her being followed. Kajika then went after them to ensure they were safe. Mishka was given care and food, and then decided to join the pack as pledge. We welcome her with open paws and hopes she finds the home she seeks.

  • I would like to add that we currently own ! And soon, it'll be our new home for our website. Thank you Kajika for your wonderful contribution! :)

10/7/14 - An old friend of SilverPaws from back in Dreamsinger days, Barra, has visited the clearing, along with her daughter, Susista. She wishes for her daughter to find a place of home within the clearing, and wished to stay for a few days. Much activity went on in the clearing, as different scents lingered within the lands.

10/3/14 - Dakaata stepped down Beta and went on LOA. We hope she returns soon!

10/2/14 - For her outstanding dedication and loyalty to the pack, Chisu has been named our newest packmate! Welcome home, Chisu! *howls*

  •  Kajika, a newcomer from the north, has decided to rest within the clearing. He plans on moving when the pack migrates.
  • Kajika has decided to enter pledge, moments after Chisu was welcomed into the pack! Good luck. :)
  • Autumn has hit the clearing, and the brisk coldness began to be a common thing in the mornings. Leaves are slowly turning color, and becoming vibrant.

9/30/14 - Pack Meeting on October 14th. Early as 1pm EST. Later Meeting begins at 6pm EST. If you have any concerns, please contact SilverPaws asap.

  •  SilverPaws and Dante` made a discussion regarding where the pack shall move. Traps    have made it far too difficult for the small, surviving pack to hunt. Therefore, they will tred north after the meeting. Dante has decided to tag along with the pack when they migrate.
  • Ciara is on temporary LOA. We hope she returns soon!

9/15/14 - Pack Meeting discussion on the forums. Since meetings seem difficult to get everywolf to come to, we might start doing two meetings every so often. 

             + We welcome Ampah, SilverPaws' cousin, as our newest pledge! *howls*

            The smell of wolves seem to linger within the clearing, more thicker than before.

8/25/14 - Website updated. New website being made by old friends; Rebelwolf and Alicorn. Please go here: 

          + SilverPaws has stated that a migration may occur within the month of September. Traps are located everywhere and populating as the days go by, calling for a new home.

8/14/14 - SilverPaws has announced the pack will reopen next month. Recruiting is essential to get the pack back on its paws! Visitors and potential members are welcome to come back to #dawnrunners for interaction.

7/4/14 - Happy Independence Day!

7/1/14 - Happy Canada Day!

5/13/14 - Two days ago, Roukan and Calla left the pack. We wish them the best.

Mandatory Meeting on the 18th! @ 4pm EST!!

5/4/14 - Pack Meeting held!

+ Roukan advanced to Packmate.

+ Serenia advanced to pack as Omega

+ Calla became Assessment

+ Roukan & Calla began courting

+ Alastar, Chisu & Dakaata became Pledges.

+ Zero was removed from pledge. Those who DID NOT advance to Assessment, pick up the activity!

+ LoreNight scheduled: May 25th @ 3pm EST!

4/17/14 - Current website is down. SilverPaws has decided to put back on the old website until further notice.

4/11/14 - Pack Meeting Held! Much was discussed, log should be up later. I am expecting a better attendance next meeting.

+ Roukan and Serenia advance to Assessment!

+ Calla and Zero entered Pledge.

+ Discussion regarding idling concerns, ensuring the pack does not bring up the habit of cliques, and pack meetings will be held on sundays!

+ Cyote was made Honored Guest.

+ Cyote, SilverPaws and Roukan take down a female Boar. After so long, they finally managed to have the hunting grounds cleared enough for a hunt! Eat up. :)

4/1/14 - Shinean left the pack. We wish her well!

3/24/14 - Roukan has entered Pledge.
   + Roukan and SilverPaws managed to leave a scent mark throughout the hunting grounds and outskirts of the clearing, regarding the traps that were unseen. Some were finally rid of, and hidden deep within holes, so no animal can get harmed. While this occurred, a Doe managed to get caught in one of the traps. SilverPaws and Roukan decided to bring back meat and haunches for the pack, since the hunting lands were deemed unsafe to hunt in.

3/21/14 - Ciaramella entered Pledge. We wish you the best of luck!
  + SilverPaws has discovered a vast amount of traps hidden within the outskirts of the clearing. It    is advised to be cautious when you venture out into the wild. Suggested that you leave with another wolf, incase something happens.

- Shinean has entered Pledge. Good luck!

3/10/14 - SilverPaws and a visitor named Cyote, took down a Doe with some conflict. Both got minor injuries, but least the small pack has food!

3/9/14 - A wolf by the name Serenia had ventured into the clearing a few days ago, and presently asked to join the pack. Serenia joins as the pack's first pledge!
       + The new website is live! Thank you, Saigh. :)

February 25th 2014: SilverPaws has brought herself back to her old home, a home which Silverlune was proud to call her own, and decided to once more make it her home. She is in hopes many will follow her, to the old clearing of Mystic Valley.

Pack News -2008-

January 18th: Pack Meeting held! 

  • Shio & Alora began their courtship.
  • Lune & Skah became spirit sibilings, as well as Alora & Malik.
  • Malik was promoted to Hunter in training. Good luck!
  • Symfora begins Assessment. Best of luck!
  • The pack hunted down an Elk. Feast is on!

January 4th: Pack Meeting held!

  • Malik became a Member. Welcome home!!
  • Shio has began training for Scout.
  • Alora's Caretaker training ended.
  • Discussion about Lorenight/Activities/etc. Please speak to Silverlune if you have any concerns and such. You must trust your council, if you ever have issues.


January 1st: Happy New Year!  

Pack News -2007-

December 20th:  History Page has been updated with Past Meeting logs. Not all logs are linked, however, and some may be bunched up. I apologize for this! But now you can read our logs! :)

December 19th: Pack Meeting announced for Jan 4th @ 7:30pm EST! It is required EVERYONE shows up!! 

December 14th: Small Meeting held! Log in History.

  • Malik is promoted to Assessment. Grats!
  • Sai makes Packmember. Welcome back!
  • New Rules discussed. Please see the Rules Page!
  • Hunt was held. Many wolves were knocked unconscious, but the final blow was made by Alora. Silverlune remains injured for the time being.

December 9th: Malik enters Pledge.

December 7th: Pack Meeting held. Check History for log!

  • Alora makes Packmember, and trains for Caretaker. good luck! *Howls*
  • Sai` & Gin become mates. Good luck!
  • Sai` becomes an Assessment.

December 6th: Forums are made!!

December 2nd: Maiko leaves the pack.

November 27th: Alora finally decided to make Dawnrunners her home, after traveling with her mother, Silverlune, for quite sometime. She was welcomed as Assessment!

  • Pack Meeting scheduled for December 7th @ 7pm EST! Let Lune know if time does not avail!

November 26th: Maiko enters Pledge.

November 25th: Daica leaves pledge.

November 24th: Daica has entered pledge. Good luck! *Howls*

November 23rd: Temp website up.

  • Skah gets promoted to Beta Male. Congrats!!
  • Gin gets promoted to Male Sentinel! *Howls*
  • New Rule promoted; clones may join (players with two characters) but only 1 may hold a high rank.

November 22nd: Happy Thanksgiving !!

Middle of November: Decided to return to for better traffic.