The Dawnrunners - 2005 - 2015

History of the Dawnrunners Pack

2015 - Strong Year & Even Stronger Future

As the cold winter passes into the new year, the pack struggled with a storm and some trespassers. Currently, a strange creature called the Yeti, has decided to make its whereabouts known. The scent of this beast was near the clearing, as well as strong throughout the territory. Weary, the pack was under caution as no one was allowed to leave alone, unless given permission by the Alpha herself. The pack grew stronger with wolves taking on ranks; Susista as a strong Caretaker, with Mishka in-training, Kajika became our Sentinel in-training, along with Chisu taking on a council role, as Delta.

Out patrolling one day, the Alpha was unaware of the strangers that were making themselves known again, and her curiosity got the best of her. Deciding to break her own rule, she proceeded off into the forest alone, after the Yeti that she grew tired of worrying about...only to never be seen of again. The pack worries, as Chisu took on leadership role to bring the pack together, and hunt down where their missing Alpha went! They hope she is safe.

2014 - The Legend's Daughter

SilverPaws has brought her tired paws back to a clearing she knew was once home to her and many others, including her Mother. While her Mother is too old to lead, she promised her Mother, she would make it flourish once more. Marking territory to ensure those know wolves will once flourish the clearing, she remains positive about becoming Alpha, and perhaps making this pack home once again.

The Clearing had already been bustling with life. First, a wolf named Serenia made her way, and finally after some rest, decided to join. It wasn't long after that, a brute named Roukan also found his way to the clearing, and during a difficult time where poachers were seen, scouting the area and setting traps for the wolves. After assisting SilverPaws with the issue, he finally agreed to join the pack, seeing this as a great home. The legacy moves on, as many have come into the clearing, desiring to be part of the legacy that once thrived in the past, and SilverPaws plans on making her Mother proud.

Few meetings came by, and while Silver was glad to have her pack flourish, the moment Roukan became packmember, him and his court left. It had shaken the pack, even with just minimal wolves made her concerned regarding if she's doing anything right as an Alpha. She is in hopes, with the poachers slowly getting away from the clearing, that maybe some good luck will shine their way.

Many new scents have approached the troubled clearing ever since the departure of Roukan, Calla & Alastar. However, several other wolves emerged into the clearing to see what this pack was all about. New scents linger, but more traps seem to be emerging. Migration was spoke about by the Alpha, and new packmate Chisu, with a new pledge, Kajika, both have agreed to go north with SilverPaws when the pack moves.


2005 History - The Beginnings

In May 9th, 2005, Silverlune and DarkFire, padded into a wonderous, tropical-like setting which surrounded by trees and a lushful waterfall. They had one longingful past, and decided to make a pack of their own, calling it the Mystic Dreamers Pack! As the two rested, along near the cleared lakes and the beauty surrounding them, a lone wolf followed, WindSpirit being his name, thus becoming the first Packmate of the Mystic Dreamers.

TalonMoonClaw became a packmember, being welcomed into the pack with joys of howls, being congrats by many. (In the pack and out of the pack) Now... the pack continues to remain within it's tropical scenery, hoping they will go far and succeed like no pack would. Not long after, Drake and DragonWolf found themselves within the clearing, feeling at home, thus asking for Assessment at the Packmeeting. Joys of howls were made, as well as a few good nuzzles. The pack continues on. Let your wolven spirit soar along the Midnight Skies! *Howls!*

2006 History - Confusion and Heartbreak

The Pack went through a rough time as it disbanded and reformed several times. Twice to be prefered, once before because of confusion, and again because of a heart break of a beloved member that passed away (OOC/IC) from the Pack. Because of this, they vanished and decided to disperse. Later on, a call was heard that Lune passed away from a hunt of humans, leaving everyone in shambles of her death. Now, in the cold winters of 2006, Pandoralune, a great friend to Silverlune, has decided to step up and heed in Lune's name, reborning the pack that is a dream of Lune's. with Silverlune's spirit within Pandoralune, she will shine, with her court Obsidian, forever. This pack will thrive again to hope it'll live its chapters.

2007 History - Silverlune's Return

A new year is brought upon them, as Pandora decided to pad out and into the forgotten forest, after Silverlune made her arrival after a tragic misunderstanding of her death. Wounds and scars everywhere on this female's body, but still had the energy and desire to lead her Pack with Obsidian (Talon). New faces were met and new beginnings. They bonded their friendship with Silverlune's spirit sister, Anubis, and her Pack, which made them grow even stronger with a bond of another Pack by their side. Amadare had become the first ever Scout in Dawnrunners, as well as her brother, Eyota, returned from the forest and into his sister's clearing to reside. Many new faces and new promises for the Pack, as they continue on their lives as of now.

As the times went on, the Pack dispersed once more, but Silverlune wasn't ready to give up. Her mate disappeared, but her family; Skah and Gin, stuck around. A new wolf, Shio, pledged himself to the pack, and her daughter, Alora, found her mother and pledged to stick by her and the pack. Many new faces make the pack bloom once more, as another new wolf, Malik, pledged himself to this very home, and hoping to be accepted. Gin's missing mate, returned to the clearing and officially was made Packmember. Silverlune is proud of her family, and hopes many years are to come.


2008 history - Ups and Downs

Strange how winter is brought upon this warm clearing, allowing snow and freezing weather to come about. The pack's food source is scarce, because of the migration, however they will still stand strong and hope they can survive these harsh winters. Spring is coming, and so is the Pack's mating season.

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