Pack Activities

Dawnrunners is a very social pack. We try to do many activities together to strengthen our bonds and make sure everyone has a good time. We do several events within the clearing, as well as with other packs as well. Here is a list with a description of each event we hold.

Check Forum for Meetings! Topics in #Dawnrunners #DR_OOC as well!

Pack Meetings

Pack Meetings are highly recommended to come to, infact almost all our events are. Pack Meetings, when held, welcomes everyone to join, even those in other packs, while we discuss important news, have ceremonies/celebrations, and promotions. We also take votes upon new rules and changes in the pack. These are highly essential to come to, so be sure you're abled to come to the Meetings!

Always scheduled in #Dawnrunners

Lore Nights

Lore Nights are held whenever the pack feels like we should hold a story time. Basically that is what Lorenight is, a storytime. Each member and visitor shares a poem or story, mainly related to the Pack, Wolves, or Nature. You can as well, being this an OOC thing, show pictures of art. Most of the artworks and stories/poems, gets to be shown in the website, if the artist approves of it. They are a time of happiness, and you could learn a lot!

Mainly scheduled in #Dawnrunners.

Pack Hunts

Hunting is a daily thing, or moreso a weekly thing. Mainly the Council or the Hunter themself, would gather the pack for a hunt. Mostly all members are supposed to hunt, except for those ill or young, however normally all members attending, go on large pack hunts, to hope they succeed to bring something home to their pack, and mainly something big! A howl is normally made after each kill, and the feast begins after the Alphas take their first chunk of the meat.

Hunting is normally done in #DR*Hunt.

Lore and Paint

Current have no artwork or story at this time. Come back later!